Rolesets - achieve


achieve.01 - accomplish

ACHIEVE-V NOTES: Based on sentences in financial subcorpus. Member of VN class complete-55.2 Comparison with 'get' and 'win'. (from achieve.01-v)
ACHIEVEMENT-N NOTES: Roleset based on verb entry achieve.01, OntoNotes achievement-n grouping senses 1 & 2; Framed by Claire. (from achievement.01-n)


achieve (v.)
achievement (n.)


ARG0-PAG: achiever
ARG1-PPT: thing achieved, gotten, accomplished

achieve-v: typical usage

The companyARG0
expects to
the 20 % increase in full - year earnings per shareARG1
as it projected in the springARGM-ADV
, the spokesman said .

achieve-v: instrument as manner

He said the improvement was a result of
cost savingsARG1
by consolidating manufacturing operations , blending two sales organizations and focusing more carefully the company 's promotional activitiesARGM-MNR

achievement-n: Arg 1 only

And the Fed has at most very limited ability to contribute to the
of other objectivesARG1
by means other than by stabilizing the price level .

achievement-n: All arguments

of winning back - to - back European CupsARG1
is considered to be one of the greatest in football .