Rolesets - allege


allege.01 - say without proof

ALLEGE-V NOTES: Verbnet entry say-37.7. Framenet entry Statement. Comparison with verbs of saying. (from allege.01-v)
ALLEGATION-N NOTES: Roleset based on verb entry allege.01, OntoNotes grouping allegation-n senses 1 & 2; maps to VN class say-37.7. Framed by Claire. (from allegation.01-n)
Verb entry lacks arg3 "against" argument, but it seems useful in disambiguating from hearer, which is also potentially equivalent to an argm-GOL argument. (from allegation.01-n)


allegation (n.)
make_allegation (l.)
allege (v.)


ARG0-PAG: speaker, alleger
ARG1-PPT: utterance, allegation
ARG2-GOL: hearer
ARG3-VSP: person against whom something is alleged

no hearer

The complaintARG0
that the price is `` unfair and grossly inadequate ''ARG1

ARG1 and ARG3

The following cases , currently under investigation , have attracted particular attention : the alleged involvement of Linkou mayor Tsai Tzung - yi , Yingko Township chief Hsu Yuan - ho and Linkou council deputy chairman Chou Yeh - feng in the operation of an illegal waste dump at a disused brickyard ; alleged fraud by Nantou County commissioner Peng Pai - hsien in connection with construction projects ;
of corruptionARG1
against Hsinchu mayor Tsai Jen - chienARG3
; and the suspected embezzlement of post-921 earthquake relief funds by Hsinchu municipal council speaker Cheng Cheng - kuang .

NP only, Args 0 & 1

of the war 's `` immoralityARG1

Arg 1 only

A separate inquiry by Chemical cleared Mr. Edelson of
that he had been lavishly entertained by a New York money brokerARG1

Args 1, 3, and MNR

The congressional committee has not yet made
of corruptionARG1
against the senatorARG3

Args 0, 1, MNR

There were
of misconductARG1
by some member of his staffARG0

Args 0 & 2

The " victim " officially recanted ( took back )
to the Sheriff 's DepartmentARG2
, saying she made the whole thing up .