Rolesets - ambiguous


ambiguous.01 - unclear as to meaning, unspecific

AMBIGUOUS NOTES: Updated for SpatialAMR.
AMBIGUOUS-J NOTES: Added by Julia based on BOLT-6 (from ambiguous.01-j)


ambiguous (j.)


ARG0-PAG: agent of ambiguous behavior
ARG1-PPT: ambiuous action, thing
ARG2-GOL: perceiver of ambiguity
ARG3-VSP: first interpretation
ARG4-VSP: second interpretation(s)

ambiguous-j: arg0, PRP

But other fans were convinced
was being
to trick his followersARGM-PRP

          (c / contrast-01
            :ARG2 (c2 / convince-01
              :ARG1 (f / fan :pl +
                :ARG1-of (o / other-01))
              :ARG2 (a / ambiguous-01
                :ARG0 (h / he)
                :purpose (t / trick-01
                  :ARG0 h
                  :ARG1 (p / person :pl +
                    :ARG0-of (f2 / follow-02
                      :ARG1 h))))))

ambiguous-j: args 0, 1

with regards to the facts that Vice - Mayor Gao Yong and another six people approved the construction of residential buildings for the County Public Health Bureau without authorization or any examination and approval on the use of land , and in violation of the overall planning for urban constructionARG1
the statement in the documentARG0
was vague and
. It seemed to be trying to cover it up .

ambiguous-j: args 0, 1

the CouncilARG0
was being
as to how much evidence was ? enough ? and what evidence it had that the redundant loop was actually neededARG1

ambiguous-j: arg3, arg4

In the old formARGM-LOC
" the article "ARG1
between the article algebraic notation and the article that called this templateARG3

          (a / ambiguous-01
            :ARG1 (s / string-entity :value "the article")
            :ARG3 (a2 / article
              :mod (n / notation
                :mod (a3 / algebra)))
            :ARG4 (a4 / article
              :ARG0-of (c / call-02
                :ARG1 (t / template
                  :mod (t2 / this))))
            :location (f / form
              :mod (o / old)))