Rolesets - blizzard


blizzard.01 - natural disaster: severe blowing snow storm

BLIZZARD-N NOTES: Added by Julia in a Natural Disaster roleset endeavor. (from blizzard.01-n)
BLIZZARD-V NOTES: Automatically added alias.
The "VSP" function tags on 'death/injury toll' and 'damages/cost' correspond to the RED cause relation.


blizzard (v.)
blizzard (n.)


ARG1-PPT: mention of snow
ARG2-EXT: depth of snow
ARG3-VSP: death/injury toll
ARG4-VSP: damages/cost
ARG5-EXT: wind speed

blizzard-n: args 1 and 2

I 'm going to be honest and say that it is hard to get motivated to go out to the gym when my area just went through a
with 15 - 17 inches worth of snowARG2

blizzard-n: arg5 (with some extra info included in the node)

Hundreds of vehicles were stranded in ditches Thursday , Dec. 20 , as commuters attempted to travel in a
with wind gusts higher than 50 mph and blowing snow that reduced visibility at times to a car lengthARG5