Rolesets - coarctate


coarctate.01 - an abnormal narrowing or stricture of a blood vessel or other organ

COARCTATION-N NOTES: comparison to verb-narrow.01. (from coarctation.01-n)
COARCTATE-V NOTES: Automatically added alias.


coarctation (n.)
coarctate (v.)


ARG0-PAG: Cause, agent (likely rare)
ARG1-PPT: Blood vessel or organ coarctated
ARG2-EXT: EXT, amount narrowed by
ARG3-DIR: Start point
ARG4-LOC: End point

coarctate-v: args 1, 2

Both specimensARG1
are somewhat irregularly grown , especially the larger one ( B ) , and have
at a certain period of growthARGM-TMP
the circumference of the calicleARG2
and formed , as it were , a new calicle with a new theca within the old calicle ( fig . 6 ) and then again enlarging to the former size .

coarctation-n: with both the narrowed vessel and the owner/medical patient

He asks whether this patient might benefit from surgical repair of
of aortaARG1