Rolesets - collide


collide.01 - make contact with, collide literally or metaphorically

COLLIDE-V NOTES: Framed by Neville. (from collide.01-v)
COLLISION-N NOTES: Roleset based on verb entry collide.01, OntoNotes grouping collision-n senses 1 & 2; maps to VN classes bump-18.4-1 and correspond-36.1, the latter of which is a metaphorical extension of the first. Framed by Claire. (from collision.01-n)
Verb entry does not have arg2, and it seems fairly rare, but it is predicted by VN. Hopefully an outside causer with two colliders doesn't come up...I could've just jinxed it. (from collision.01-n)


collision (n.)
collide (v.)


ARG0-PPT: theme, thing in motion, 1st colliders or all colliders in one constituent
ARG1-PPT: thing hit, 2nd collider where separate mention
ARG2-PPT: Topic collided over in metaphorical case, cause of disagreement


According to astronomy experts , the observation and study of
this cometARG0
with JupiterARG1
will help both the in - depth revelation of Jupiter 's mysteries of the rosy clouds , the great red spot , and corona and also help in developing research on the odds , forecast accuracy and explosive effects , etc . of comets and asteroids ' collision with Earth .

Arg 0, all colliders in one constituent.

of the two shipsARG0
resulted in a serious oil spill .

Metaphorical collision, same syntax

of interestsARG1
became clear during the meeting .

All arguments

with JessieARG1
over Operation SmileARG2
is an example ; I really wanted to help , even to the point of writing a letter to people in
school .

"Over" as LOC, literal collision

An important question regarding the
over the HudsonARGM-LOC
is whether the pilot of the private plane had tuned in to the corridor frequency .

Args 0 & 1

Rolling Stone remarked that Size and his Reprazent collective " engineer the
of styleARG1
with stealthARG2
. "