Rolesets - confide


confide.01 - to entrust, tell in confidence

CONFIDE-V NOTES: Based on survey of sentences in the WSJ corpus. Member of Vncls say-37.7-1. (from confide.01-v)


confide (v.)


ARG0-PAG: speaker, agent
ARG1-PPT: utterance
ARG2-GOL: person confided to


A new in - house magazine , Kidder World -- which will focus on the firm 's synergy strategy , says Mr. Carpenter --ARG0
that on weekends Mr. Newquist `` often gets value - added ideas while flying his single - engine Cessna Centurion on the way to NantucketARG1
. ''

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The owner of the company , Stephen Smith , who has since pleaded guilty to state and federal fraud chargesARG0
to investorsARG2
that he had a secret agreement with Amoco Oil Co.ARG1
and said the location of his wells was confidential , according to a civil suit filed in a Florida state court by the Florida comptroller 's office .