Rolesets - connect


connect.01 - attach, making connected, include in some group

CONNECT NOTES: Arg4 added for spatialAMR. It's a pragmatic role.
CONNECT-V NOTES: Based on financial subcorpus, automatic expansion via verbnet; adjectival 'connected' based on BOLT-7. Member of VNcls mix-22.1-2-1, tape-22.4 (from connect.01-v)
CONNECTING-N NOTES: (from connecting.01-n)
CONNECTED-J NOTES: Added by Julia based on SMS. (from connected.01-j)
CONNECTION-N NOTES: Roleset based on verb entry connect.01, OntoNotes grouping connection-n senses 1, 4 & 8; maps to VN class mix-22.1-2-1. Comparison to verb-associate.01. Framed by Claire. (from connection.01-n)


connect (v.)
connecting (n.)
connected (j.)
connection (n.)
make_connection (l.)
have_connection (l.)


ARG0-PAG: agent, entity doing the tying
ARG1-PPT: first thing being tied
ARG2-PPT: second thing, tied to what
ARG3-MNR: instrument, string
ARG4-AXS: axis

connect-v: plural arg1

Machines using the 486 are expected to challenge higher - priced work stations and minicomputers in applications such as
so-called serversARG0
groups of computersARG1
, and in computer - aided design .

          (e / expect-01
            :ARG1 (c / challenge-01
              :ARG0 (m / machine :pl +
                :ARG0-of (u / use-01
                  :ARG1 (p / product :wiki "Intel_80486" :name (n / name :op1 "486"))))
              :ARG1 (a / and
                :op1 (s / station :pl +
                  :mod (w / work))
                :op2 (m2 / minicomputer :pl +)
                :ARG1-of (p2 / price-01
                  :ARG2 (m3 / monetary-quantity
                    :ARG1-of (h / have-degree-91
                      :ARG2 (h2 / high-02)
                      :ARG3 (m4 / more)
                      :ARG4 m))))
              :ARG2 (t / thing
                :ARG2-of (a2 / apply-02)
                :example (s2 / server :pl +
                  :mod (s3 / so-called)
                  :ARG3-of (c2 / connect-01
                    :ARG1 (g / group :pl +
                      :consist-of (c3 / computer :pl +))
                    :manner (t2 / together)))
                :example (d / design-01
                  :ARG1-of (a3 / aid-01
                    :ARG0 (c4 / computer))))))

connect-v: conjoined arg1's

It is
a maze of hallsARG0
film rooms , elaborate spas and weight - training centers that testify to a richer , more free - spending eraARG1

          (m / maze
            :domain (i2 / it)
            :consist-of (h / hall :pl +)
            :ARG3-of (c / connect-01
              :ARG1 (a / and
                :op1 (r / room :pl +
                  :mod (f / film))
                :op2 (s / spa :pl +
                  :mod (e / elaborate))
                :op3 (c2 / center :pl +
                  :location-of (t / train-01
                    :instrument (w / weight)))
                :ARG0-of (t2 / testify-01
                  :ARG1 (e2 / era
                    :ARG1-of (h2 / have-degree-91
                      :ARG2 (a2 / and
                        :op1 (r2 / rich)
                        :op2 (f2 / free-04
                          :ARG3 (s2 / spend-01)))
                      :ARG3 (m2 / more)))))))

connect-v: split arg1's

The subsidiary also increased reserves by $ 140 million , however , and set aside an additional $ 25 million for
with Hurricane HugoARG2

          (a / and
            :op1 (i2 / increase-01
              :ARG0 (s / subsidiary)
              :ARG1 (r / reserve :pl +)
              :ARG2 (m / monetary-quantity :quant 140000000
                :unit (d / dollar)))
            :op2 (s2 / set-aside-00
              :ARG0 s
              :ARG1 (m2 / monetary-quantity :quant 25000000
                :unit (d2 / dollar)
                :mod (a2 / additional))
              :ARG2 (c / claim-01 :pl +
                :ARG1-of (c2 / connect-01
                  :ARG2 (n / natural-disaster :wiki "Hurricane_Hugo" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Hurricane" :op2 "Hugo")))))
            :ARG1-of (h / have-concession-91))

connect-v: ARG3 and ARG1 and ARG2

Tanshui occupied an important place in
the transport networkARG3
to Southeast AsiaARG2

          (o / occupy-01
            :ARG0 (c / city-district :wiki "Tamsui_District" :name (n / name :op1 "Tanshui"))
            :ARG1 (p / place
              :ARG1-of (i2 / important-01
                :ARG2 (n2 / network
                  :ARG4-of (t / transport-01)
                  :ARG3-of (c2 / connect-01
                    :ARG1 (c3 / country :wiki "Taiwan" :name (n / name :op1 "taiwan"))
                    :ARG2 (w / world-region :wiki "Southeast_Asia" :name (n / name :op1 "Southeast" :op2 "Asia")))))))


These two figures , 7.5 % and 4 %ARG1
, are
and interact with each other . There is not only objective and practical planning , but also focus on people 's livelihood .

          (a / and
            :op1 (c / connect-01
              :ARG1 (p / percentage-entity :value 7.5
                :ARG1-of (i2 / include-91
                  :ARG2 (f / figure :quant 2
                    :mod (t / this))))
              :ARG2 (p2 / percentage-entity :value 4)
              :ARG1-of (c2 / close-10))
            :op2 (i3 / interact-01
              :ARG0 p
              :ARG1 p2))

connection-n: Arg1, all things connected in one mention

between church and stateARG1
is inescapable .

          (p / possible-01 :polarity -
            :ARG1 (e / escape-01
              :ARG1-of (c / connect-01
                :ARG1 (c2 / church)
                :ARG2 (s / state))))

connection-n: ARG0 and ARG2

Chen Chung - yung points out that rents in Macau are about 25 % less than rents in Hong Kong , while
Macau 'sARG0
with the European UnionARG2
means that it enjoys tax concessions and generous trade quotas .

          (p / point-out-02
            :ARG0 (p2 / person :name (n / name :op1 "Chen" :op2 "Chung-yung"))
            :ARG1 (c / contrast-01
              :ARG1 (h / have-quant-91
                :ARG1 (m / monetary-quantity
                  :ARG3-of (r / rent-01
                    :location (c2 / country-region :wiki "Macau" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Macau"))))
                :ARG2 (a2 / about
                  :op1 (p3 / percentage-entity :value 25))
                :ARG3 (l / less)
                :ARG4 (m2 / monetary-quantity
                  :ARG3-of (r2 / rent-01
                    :location (c3 / country-region :wiki "Hong_Kong" :name (n3 / name :op1 "Hong" :op2 "Kong")))))
              :ARG2 (m3 / mean-01
                :ARG1 (c4 / connect-01
                  :ARG1 c2
                  :ARG2 (o / organization :wiki "European_Union" :name (n4 / name :op1 "European" :op2 "Union")))
                :ARG2 (e / enjoy-01
                  :ARG0 c2
                  :ARG1 (a / and
                    :op1 (c5 / concede-03
                      :ARG2 c2
                      :topic (t / tax-01
                        :ARG2 c2))
                    :op2 (q / quota
                      :topic (t2 / trade-01
                        :ARG0 c2)
                      :ARG2-of (g / generous-01
                        :ARG1 c2)))))))

connection-n: Args 0, 1, 2

Many of those Evangelicals may not agree with
of environmentalismARG1
to sinARG2

          (p / possible-01
            :ARG1 (a / agree-01 :polarity -
              :ARG0 (p2 / person
                :quant (m / many)
                :ARG1-of (i2 / include-91
                  :ARG2 (p3 / person :pl +
                    :mod (t / that)
                    :mod (r / religious-group :wiki "Evangelicalism" :name (n / name :op1 "Evangelical")))))
              :ARG1 (c / connect-01
                :ARG0 (h / he)
                :ARG1 (e / environmentalism)
                :ARG2 (s / sin-01))))

connection-n: just arg 2

Without admitting or denying wrongdoing , the firm consented to findings that it failed to respond `` in a timely manner '' to the NASD 's requests for information in
with a customer complaintARG2

          (c / consent-01
            :ARG0 (f / firm)
            :ARG1 (f2 / find-01
              :ARG1 (f3 / fail-01
                :ARG1 f
                :ARG2 (r / respond-01
                  :ARG0 f
                  :ARG2 (r2 / request-01
                    :ARG0 (o / organization :wiki "Financial_Industry_Regulatory_Authority" :name (n / name :op1 "NASD"))
                    :ARG1 (i2 / information)
                    :ARG1-of (c2 / connect-01
                      :ARG2 (c3 / complain-01
                        :ARG0 (o2 / organization
                          :ARG0-of (h / have-rel-role-91
                            :ARG1 f
                            :ARG2 (c4 / customer))))))
                  :manner (m / manner
                    :ARG1-of (t / timely-03)))))
            :manner (a / and
              :op1 (a2 / admit-01 :polarity -
                :ARG0 f
                :ARG1 (d2 / do-02
                  :ARG0 f
                  :ARG1-of (w / wrong-02)))
              :op2 (d / deny-01 :polarity -
                :ARG0 f
                :ARG1 d2)))