Rolesets - deregulate


deregulate.01 - supervise, watch over, removing/relaxing regulation

DEREGULATE-V NOTES: Frames file for 'deregulate' based on transformation of frames for 'regulate.' No sentences examined. entry. (from deregulate.01-v predicate notes)
DEREGULATION-N NOTES: Added by Julia based on BOLT. No corresponding VNcls. (from deregulation.01-n)
Differs from 'deregulate' in the addition of start/end states, args 2 and 3. (from deregulation.01-n)


deregulation (n.)
deregulate (v.)


ARG0-PAG: deregulator
ARG1-PPT: thing deregulated
ARG2-DIR: start state
ARG3-PRD: end state

stated regulator

The finding probably will support those who argue that
the U.S.ARG0
the class of asbestos including crocidoliteARG1
more stringently than the common kind of asbestos , chrysotile , found in most schools and other buildingsARGM-MNR
, Dr. Talcott said .

unstated agent

`` Such research may ultimately result in the ability to regenerate damaged tissues or to turn off genes that cause cancer '' or *trace* to
genes that cause Down 's syndrome , the leading cause of mental retardation , according to an NIH summaryARG1
ARG0: *trace*

with start state

Availability of emergency contraception after
from prescription - only statusARG2
: a survey of Ontario pharmacies .

arg 1

Australia experienced
of their labor marketARG1
during the late 1980s