Rolesets - descend


descend.01 - to come down, lower oneself, or arrive, lowering

DESCEND-V NOTES: Member of VNcls escape-51.1, meander-47.7. (from descend.01-v)
DESCENDING-N NOTES: descend.01 (from descending.01-n)
DESCENDED-J NOTES: Based on Thyme data. Comparison to descend.01-v. (from descended.01-j)


descending (n.)
descend (v.)
descended (j.)
descent (n.)


ARG0-PPT: entity descending
ARG1-DIR: location/goal, descend on or to

with Arg1

District policeARG0
in 1983ARGM-TMP
on his suburban home , which he and his large family used as both residence and factoryARG1
, and demanded proof the house and equipment were his .

with source

That is not entirely true , for linguists know too much about language to suggest that there ever was , literally ,
a single languageARGM-DIR
from whichR-ARGM-DIR
all Indo - European languagesARG0

with ArgM-DIR

Ralph 'sARG0
from the mountainARGM-DIR
was met by cheers from his teammates .

Arg0, 1

The SWAT team 'sARG0
on his houseARG1
finally roused the criminal from his lair .