Rolesets - dicker


dicker.01 - argue in a petty manner

DICKER-V NOTES: Frames file for 'dicker' based on sentences in wsj. Verbnet entry 36.1. (from dicker.01-v predicate notes)


dicker (v.)


ARG0-PAG: first arguer
ARG1-COM: second arguer
ARG2-PPT: topic

merged arguers

We have as much nostalgia as anyone for those leafy , breezy days in Washington when
honorable men and womenARG0
over budgetsARG2
and even log - rolled a bit to see that the bridges got build , roads paved , soldiers paid or that the desperately poor were cared for .

ARG0 and ARG1

Reagan 's special envoyARG0
was ,
with his usual energy and sharp elbowsARGM-MNR
with the IraqisARG1
in the mid-1980sARGM-TMP
, Condoleezza Rice was an assistant professor of no scholarly distinction at Stanford ; Cheney a third - term congressman from Wyoming squirming up the House leadership ladder ; future viceroy of Baghdad L. Paul `` Jerry '' Bremer moving from State Department clerk and Alexander Haig protege to lavish - party giving ambassador to the Netherlands ; and George W. Bush , still by his own account given to `` heavy drinking , '' absorbed in changing the name of his chronically failed Arbusto Energy oil company to Bush Exploration .