Rolesets - drought


drought.01 - natural disaster: prolonged water shortage

DROUGHT-N NOTES: Added by Julia in a Natural Disaster roleset endeavor. (from drought.01-n)
The "VSP" function tags on 'death/injury toll' and 'damages/cost' correspond to the RED cause relation.


drought (n.)


ARG1-PPT: water in limited supply
ARG2-TMP: duration of drought
ARG3-VSP: death/injury toll
ARG4-VSP: damages/cost
ARG5-EXT: drought rating (D1-D5 scale)

drought-n: arg 1

our waste tanks and battery supply ought to give out long before we face a
fresh waterARG1

drought-n: arg5

Duration and impacts are critical in looking at
which fall into the 5th percentile , or a 1 in 20 year type of droughtARGM-ADJ

drought-n: arg2

While the drying begun around 1895 and caused its first large famine only in the early 20th century , the 1820s and 1830s saw a
12 to 15 yearARG2
and regional instances of major famine from Senegal to Chad .