Rolesets - epidural


epidural.01 - injection of an anesthetic in the lower back

NOTES: Added for THYME-AMR. Note that adding a PRP numbered arg would create cycles in AMRs (consider with numb-01, relieve-01, for example).


epidural (n.)
epidural_injection (n.)
get_an_epidural (l.)
give_an_epidural (l.)
have_an_epidural (l.)


ARG0-PAG: injector
ARG1-PPT: injected


He is scheduled for an epidural injection for his neuropathic pain .

          (s / schedule-01
            :ARG1 (h / he)
            :ARG2 (e / epidural-01
              :ARG1 h
              :ARG2-of (t / therapy-01 :implicit +
                :ARG1 h
                :ARG3 (p / pain-01
                  :ARG1 h
                  :ARG1-of (c / cause-01
                    :ARG0 (d / disease-disorder :name (n / name :op1 "neuropathy")))))))  

epidural-n, both args

Her medical team had just administered an epidural to numb her body .

          (e / epidural-01
            :ARG0 (t / team
              :ARG1-of (m / medical-02)
              :poss (s / she))
            :ARG1 s
            :ARG2-of (n / numb-01
              :ARG0 t
              :ARG1 (b / body
                  :poss s))
            :time (j / just))