Rolesets - extend


extend.01 - (cause to) become longer

EXTENT NOTES: Arg5 added for spatialAMR (it's pragmatic). This roleset still conflates dynamic and fictive motion.
EXTEND-V NOTES: Frames file for 'extend' based on sentences in financial subcorpus; adjectival 'extensive' based on BOLT-7. VN class 47.1-1. (from extend.01-v)
EXTENSION-N NOTES: extend.01 (from extension.01-n)
The different kinds of Arg2s and TMPs can be confusing. Use this ruleof thumb:* If it can be paraphrased as an "until", use Arg2-TMP.* If it can be paraphrased as a "by", use Arg2-EXT.* If it can be paraphrased as an "on", use ArgM-TMP. (from extend.01-v)


extend (v.)
extension (n.)


ARG0-PAG: agent, entity making something be longer
ARG1-PPT: patient, thing getting longer
ARG2-EXT: EXT or TMP, by how much or until when
ARG3-DIR: start point
ARG4-GOL: end point
ARG5-AXS1: relevant dimension of ARG1

extend-v: arg2-TMP as 'until'

Dow Jones & Co. said
its $ 18 - a - share offer for Telerate Inc. common stockARG1
until 5 p.m. EST Nov. 9ARG2

          (s / say-01
            :ARG0 (c / company :wiki "Dow_Jones_%26_Company" :name (n / name :op1 "Dow" :op2 "Jones" :op3 " &" :op4 "Co"))
            :ARG1 (e / extend-01
              :ARG0 c
              :ARG1 (o / offer-01
                :ARG0 c
                :ARG1 (s3 / stock
                  :mod (c2 / company :wiki "Telerate" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Telerate" :op2 "Inc."))
                  :mod (c3 / common))
                :ARG2 (r / rate-entity-91
                  :ARG1 (m / monetary-quantity :quant 18
                    :unit (d / dollar))
                  :ARG2 (s2 / share)))
              :ARG4 (u / until
                :op1 (d2 / date-entity :time "7:00" :timezone "EST" :month 11 :day 9))))

extend-v: arg2-TMP as 'to'

Institut Merieux S.A. , which offered 942 million Canadian dollars ( US$ 801.2 million ) , or C$ 37 a share for Connaught , said
its bid , due to expire last ThursdayARG1
to Nov. 6ARG2

          (s / say-01
            :ARG0 (c / company :wiki "Institut_Mérieux" :name (n / name :op1 "Institut" :op2 "Merieux" :op3 "S.A.")
              :ARG0-of (o / offer-01
                :ARG1 (c4 / company :wiki "Connaught_Laboratories" :name (n4 / name :op1 "Connaught"))
                :ARG2 (m / monetary-quantity :quant "942,000,000"
                  :unit (d / dollar
                    :mod (c2 / country :wiki "Canada" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Canada")))
                  :ARG1-of (e2 / equal-01
                    :ARG2 (o2 / or
                      :op1 (m2 / monetary-quantity :quant "801,200,000"
                        :unit (d2 / dollar
                          :mod (c3 / country :wiki "United_States" :name (n3 / name :op1 "US"))))
                      :op2 (r / rate-entity-91
                        :ARG1 (m3 / monetary-quantity :quant 37
                          :unit (d3 / dollar
                          :mod c2))
                        :ARG2 (s2 / share)))))))
            :ARG1 (e / extend-01
              :ARG0 c
              :ARG1 (b / bid-01
                :ARG0 c
                :ARG1 c4
                :ARG2 m
                :ARG1-of (d4 / due-03
                  :ARG2 (e3 / expire-01
                    :ARG1 b)
                  :time (d5 / date-entity
                    :mod (l / last)
                    :weekday (t / thursday))))
              :ARG4 (d6 / date-entity :month 11 :day 6)))

extend-v: with start and end points

Alpine Group Inc.ARG0
revised its exchange offer for $ 43.7 million face amount of 13.5 % senior subordinated debt due 1996 and
the offerARG1
to Oct. 27ARG4
from Oct. 12ARG3

          (a / and
            :op1 (r / revise-01
              :ARG0 (c / company :name (n / name :op1 "Alpine" :op2 "Group" :op3 "Inc."))
              :ARG1 (o / offer-01
                :ARG0 c
                :ARG1 (e / exchange-01
                  :ARG0 c
                  :ARG1 (d / debt
                    :ARG2-of (d2 / due-01
                      :time (d3 / date-entity :year 1996))
                    :ARG1-of (s / subordinate-01)
                    :mod (s2 / senior)
                    :mod (p / percentage-entity :value 13.5)
                      :quant (m / monetary-quantity :quant 43700000
                        :unit (d4 / dollar))))))
            :op1 (e2 / extend-01
              :ARG0 c
              :ARG1 o
              :ARG3 (d6 / date-entity :month 10 :day 12)
              :ARG4 (d5 / date-entity :month 10 :day 27)))

extend-v: temporal EXT

After the opening was delayed 30 minutes because of the crush of sell ordersARGM-TMP
Frankfurt 's normal two - hour trading sessionARG1
75 minutesARG2
to handle the heavy volumeARGM-PRP

          (e / extend-01
            :ARG1 (s / session
              :mod (t / trade-01)
              :duration (t2 / temporal-quantity :quant 2
                :unit (h / hour))
              :ARG1-of (n / normal-02)
              :location (c / city :wiki "Frankfurt" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Frankfurt")))
            :ARG2 (t3 / temporal-quantity :quant 75
              :unit (m2 / minute))
            :purpose (h2 / handle-01
              :ARG1 (v / volume
                :ARG1-of (h3 / have-quant-91
                  :ARG3 (h4 / heavy))))
            :time (a / after
              :op1 (d / delay-01
                :ARG1 (o / open-02
                  :ARG1 s)
                :ARG2 (t4 / temporal-quantity :quant 30
                  :unit (m / minute))
                :ARG1-of (c2 / cause-01
                  :ARG0 (c3 / crush-01
                    :ARG0 (o2 / order-01
                      :ARG2 (s2 / sell-01))
                    :ARG1 s)))))

extend-v: temporal adjunct

Two rival bidders for Connaught BioSciencesARG0
their offers to acquire the Toronto - based vaccine manufacturerARG1

          (e / extend-01
            :ARG0 (o / organization :quant 2
              :ARG0-of (b / bid-01
                :ARG1 (c / company :wiki "Connaught_Laboratories" :name (n / name :op1 "Connaught" :op2 "BioSciences")
                  :ARG0-of (m / manufacture-01
                    :ARG1 (v / vaccine)))
                :ARG1-of (b2 / base-01
                  :location (c2 / city :wiki "Toronto" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Toronto"))))
              :ARG0-of (r / rival-01))
            :ARG1 (o2 / offer-01
              :ARG0 o
              :ARG1 (a / acquire-01
                :ARG0 o
                :ARG1 c))
            :time (d / date-entity
              :weekday (f / friday)))

extension-n: Arg0, 1

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip supports President Zuma in
of the term of office of the Chief Justice of South AfricaARG1

          (s / support-01
            :ARG0 (o / office
              :poss (p / person
                :ARG0-of (h / have-org-role-91
                  :ARG1 (p2 / political-party :wiki "African_National_Congress" :name (n / name :op1 "ANC"))
                  :ARG2 (w / whip
                    :mod (c / chief)))))
            :ARG1 (e / extend-01
              :ARG0 (p3 / person :wiki "Jacob_Zuma" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Zuma")
                :ARG0-of (h2 / have-org-role-91
                  :ARG3 (p4 / president)))
              :ARG1 (t / term
                :mod (o2 / office)
                :duration-of (h3 / have-org-role-91
                  :ARG1 (c3 / country :wiki "South_Africa" :name (n3 / name :op1 "South" :op2 "Africa"))
                  :ARG2 (j / justice
                    :mod (c2 / chief))))))

extend.02 - offer

EXTEND-V NOTES: Member of VNcls contribute-13.2-2, future_having-13.3. (from extend.02-v)
EXTENSION-N NOTES: extend.02 (from extension.02-n)


extend (v.)
extension (n.)


ARG0-PAG: giver, offerer
ARG1-PPT: thing offered
ARG2-GOL: offered-to

extend-v: Arg2 as PP

`` This is the first time , if we decide to do so , for
aid of this kindARG1
to Eastern European countriesARG2
, '' the spokesman said .

extend-v: ditransitive

In recent monthsARGM-TMP
a group of lenders , led by Bank of AmericaARG0
, has
Control DataARG2
up to $ 90 million in revolving loans through January , as well as $ 115 million in standby letters of creditARG1


extensive.03 - range or depth of

EXTENSIVE-J NOTES: Based on Thyme data. Comparison to extend.01-v except extensive cannot take an agent. No VN or FN classes. Framed by Katie. (from extensive.01-j)


extensive (j.)


ARG1-PPT: patient, thing that is extended
ARG2-EXT: EXT, degree, by how much
ARG3-DIR: start point
ARG4-PRD: end point

extensive-j: arg 1

The procedureARG1
ended up being


The stal Valentine 's Day becomes a promiscuous season . Is Valentine 's Day " Heat Day " ?
The definition of the loverARG1
. In China , lovers usually referred to people who have out - of - marriage love or a sexual relationship .