Rolesets - graze


graze.01 - (allow to) eat grass, or eat steadily in small amounts through the day

GRAZE-V NOTES: Can't deny that ArgA! (from graze.01-v)


graze (v.)
grazing (v.)


ARG0-PAG: rancher
ARG1-PPT: cow
ARG2-GOL: grass, pasture

graze-v: basic transitive

The Soviets ' explanation is that the anthrax came from one lot of animal feed made from the bones of cattle that [*T*-1]
on soil that was naturally infected with anthrax spores .
ARG1: [*T*-1]
ARG2: on soil that was naturally infected with anthrax spores

graze-v: intransitive

at the Farmers Market , a combination gourmet food court and grocery storeARGM-LOC
while a pianist accompanies the noon fashion show with a selection of dreamy melodiesARGM-TMP

ARG0 and ARG2

Finally , I say : -LRB- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established on the basis of the words of God , on the words of His messenger , and on the application of the religion of God and the Sunna of His messenger -LRB- may God bless him and grant him salvation -RRB- . This way of doing things will not change in spite of the liberals , so it is better for them to pursue al - Qusaybi , Khalid al - Harbi , and
whom purity and virtuousness do not suit , and
want to
like cattleARGM-MNR
in every corrupt worldARG2
. -RRB-