Rolesets - hedge


hedge.01 - protect, minimize the loss

HEDGE-V NOTES: frames created by Olga. No Vncls, No FN. Checked by Julia, 10/2010. (from hedge.01-v)


hedge (v.)
hedging (n.)


ARG0-PAG: entity seeking to minimize a loss
ARG1-PPT: thing protected
ARG2-GOL: protected from
ARG3-MNR: instrument

hedge-v: transitive

If the weather allowed farmers to work in their fields over the weekend ,
many Midwest grain elevatorsARG0
will probably sell futures contracts today at the Chicago Board of Trade in order to
their weekend purchases from farmersARG1

hedge-v: with Arg2

A number of commercial grain users buttressed that opinion yesterday by buying certain corn options for delivery in March , indicating to analysts that
the commercial companiesARG0
would use the options to
against expected corn salesARG2
in next year 's first quarterARGM-TMP

hedge-v: intransitive

`` That 's the problem with trying to
too muchARGM-EXT
, '' said Mr. Brouwer .

hedge-v: with instrument as subject

Some analysts suggest , however , that the ratio has weakened in value as an indicator because options and other products can be used to
short positionsARG1