Rolesets - hurricane


hurricane.01 - natural disaster: tropical cyclone

HURRICANE-N NOTES: Added by Julia in a Natural Disaster roleset endeavor. Comparison to cyclone, twister, tornado, typhoon. (from hurricane.01-n)
HURRICANE-V NOTES: Automatically added alias.
The "VSP" function tags on 'death/injury toll' and 'damages/cost' correspond to the RED cause relation.


hurricane (v.)
hurricane (n.)


ARG1-PPT: mention of wind/element whirling
ARG2-EXT: intensity
ARG3-VSP: death/injury toll
ARG4-VSP: damages/cost
ARG5-MNR: wind speed
ARG6-EXT: radius

hurricane-n: arg1

On a sudden , experienced a stroke of wind from the N.W. so unexpected and tremendous , that we had scarce time to lower thesails , and were compelled to take it in poop , encountering for an hour a
of wind and sea from the N.W. meeting the old seafrom the S.W. in such a manner that at every pitch the ship made her bowsprit was under waterARG1
, at the same time labouring so much that the sea washed entirely over us , and we were obliged to nail up every aperture .

hurricane-n: arg2

It is based on a scale from one to five with one being the
lowest intensityARG2
and five being the highest intensity hurricane .