Rolesets - inconceivable


inconceivable.01 - impossible, totally unlikely

INCONCEIVABLE-J NOTES: Roleset based on instances in BOLT P01, parts 2,3. Framed by Claire. Comparison to conceive-v.01. (from inconceivable.01-j)


inconceivable (j.)


ARG0-PAG: person who cannot conceive of X
ARG1-PPT: X, which cannot be conceived
ARG2-PRD: attribute of X, what it's inconceivable AS

With it EXP

It is
that you take a multivitamin in good faith and it wrecks havoc on your health in such a profound wayARG1
but that is the case .

With arg0

It is
to meARG0
that a million or three million or half a million human beings will think and feel precisely the same way on any single subjectARG1

With attribute

Man is already a member of a social body when he appears as a thinking , willing creature , for
the thinking manARG1
as a solitary individualARG2