Rolesets - intersect


intersect.01 - divide into two parts by cutting through or across

INTERSECT NOTES: Arg2 added for SpatialAMR.
INTERSECT-V NOTES: Created by Claire (from intersect.01-v)
INTERSECTION-N NOTES: Based on ontonotes nouns. Comparison to intersect.01.Intersect is a member of VN class 47.8-1. Framed by Katie. (from intersection.01-n)


intersect (v.)
intersection (n.)


ARG0-PPT: focus, first mention of entity intersecting another
ARG1-PPT: thing arg0 is intersecting, entity divided in two
ARG2-LOC: point of intersection

intersect-v: Intersecting ideas

A step that the Prime Minister seemed eager for the Arab League to welcome , even if
his positionsARG0
with MoussaARG1
in not calling this movement an initiativeARGM-MNR

            (s2 / seem-01
            :ARG1 (e / eager-01
              :ARG0 (p / person
                :ARG0-of (h / have-org-role-91
                  :ARG2 (m / minister
                    :mod (p2 / prime))))
              :ARG1 (w / welcome-01
                :ARG0 (o / organization :wiki "Arab_League" :name (n / name :op1 "Arab" :op2 "Leauge"))
                :ARG1 (t / thing
                  :ARG4-of (s / step-01)))
              :concession (e2 / even-if
                :op1 (i2 / intersect-01
                  :ARG0 (p3 / position-02 :pl +
                    :ARG0 p)
                  :ARG1 (p4 / person :wiki "Amr_Moussa" :name (n2 / name :op1 "Moussa"))
                  :ARG2 (c / call-01 :polarity -
                    :ARG1 (m2 / movement-07
                      :mod (t2 / this))
                    :ARG2 (i3 / initiative))))))

intersect-v: only one mention of the two pieces

of Winterfield RoadARG0

          (i2 / intersect-01
            :ARG0 (r / road :name (n / name :op1 "Winterfield" :op2 "Road")))