Rolesets - iterate


iterate.01 - repeat, utter again

ITERATE-V NOTES: Frames file for 'iterate' based on sentences in Webtext 2.5-2. No VerbNet entry. Comparison to 'repeat.' (from iterate.01-v predicate notes)


iterate (v.)


ARG0-PAG: speaker
ARG1-PPT: utterance or action that is repeated
ARG2-GOL: listener when arg 1 is an utterance
ARG3-EXT: number of repetitions

no listener

In the joint declaration issued after a prayer ceremony held in IstanbulARGM-LOC
Pope Benedict and BartholomewARG0
rejected the concept that massacres could be carried out in God 's name , denounced terrorism , and
that Roman Catholicism and the Eastern Orthodox Church would strive for peace and unity while condemning violenceARG1