Rolesets - lawmaking


lawmaking.01 - legislating

LAWMAKING-N NOTES: Added by Julia based on BOLT. (from lawmaking.01-n)
This roleset can be viewed as a special instance of making.01, where the former arg1 (law) is tacked into the verb. The new arg1 expresses the specific domain the law applies to. Former args 2 and 3, materials and benefactive, are not expected with this more specific sense. (from lawmaking.01-n)


lawmaking (n.)


ARG0-PAG: law-maker
ARG1-PPT: domain the law applies to

Both args

Mukherjee 's law that 's applicable from 50 years ago , with a six - year enforceability , has been the cause of the most intense debates within India and among global investors looking at the
of the world 's second - fastest growing economyARG0