Rolesets - license


license.01 - give legal rights to property

LICENSE-V NOTES: Rather like rent and lease, but I'm not going to make a new roleset. (from license.01-v)
LICENSING-N NOTES: Added by Julia based on BOLT, license.01. Correspons to VNcls patent-101. (from licensing.01-n)
LICENSE-N NOTES: Added by Julia based on license-v.01, WordNet sense #4. Corresponds to VNcls patent-101. (from license.01-n)
Watch out for instances that refer to the license itself (paper or otherwise), rather than the act/state of giving/having rights. (from license.01-n)


license (v.)
licensing (n.)
license (n.)


ARG0-PAG: granter of license
ARG1-PPT: licensed thing
ARG2-GOL: benefactive, licensed-to

commercialism rules

Turns out that next year , Charlie Brown , Snoopy and the gang turn 40 -- and
Scripps Howard 's United Media unit , the syndicator and licensing agent for Charles Schulz 's comic stripARG0
, sees a bonanza in
the cartoon charactersARG1
to a bevy of advertisersARG2
for ads , tie - ins and promotionsARGM-PNC

reversed order

Sandoz Ltd.ARG2
certain manufacturing and marketing rights for Interleukin-3ARG1
from Genetics InstituteARG0
and is conducting preclinical studies with it .


It was n't really a wedding , as they had n't been able to get the
, so they got married at City Hall earlier in the week and just re - enacted it for the reception .

all args

Williams sued Defendant for copyright infringment and other claims , alleging
the songARG1
to third partiesARG2
violated her rights .

args 0, 1

According to their press release , Sentai Filmworks has announced
of the TV anime No. 6ARG1

Not eventive. Refers to an artifact. .YY!

After failing a road sobriety test by blowing a .08 % or more , the police will often ask you to hand over your driver 's license on the spot