Rolesets - panhandle


panhandle.01 - accost someone in order to beg

PANHANDLE-V NOTES: Framed by Claire (from panhandle.01-v)


panhandle (v.)


ARG0-PAG: begger, panhandler
ARG1-PPT: person accosted
ARG2-VSP: money, item panhandler is begging for from arg 1

Ranting example

If someone close to you dies in one silly - ass war for the juice to run your SUV , or you find
sitting in a homeless shelter , or standing on a streetcorner and
for changeARG2
from strangers who could n't give two shits for youARG1
because the fat slobs who run your company decided to outsource your job to people who will work twice as long and hard as you do for a tenth the payARGM-CAU
, your credit rating is in negative numbers and your address is " No Fixed Address " ...