Rolesets - posture


posture.01 - to assume a pose or mental attitude, assuming an exaggerated pose or attitude

POSTURE-V NOTES: Frames file for 'posture' based on survey of sentences in the WSJ corpus. (from posture.01-v predicate notes)
POSTURING-N NOTES: posture.01 (from posturing.01-n)


posturing (n.)
posture (v.)


ARG0-PAG: assumer of pose
ARG1-PRD: pose

posture-v: prepositional Arg1

Unless Mr. Lawson 's resignation leads to a change in British interest - rate policy -- Mrs. Thatcher 's administration firmly supports high interest rates to keep inflation in check -- or
toward full inclusion in the European Monetary System 's exchange - rate mechanismARG1
, Mr. Lawson 's withdrawal will have little long - term impact on exchange rates , Mr. Chandross concluded .

posturing-n: Arg0

For all
, Russell Brand is a far more accomplished writer than he 'd probably ever let on .