Rolesets - preclinical


preclinical.01 - relating to the stage of a disease before symptoms start

NOTES: Added by Kristin for THYME-AMR. I haven't found cases where both arguments occur in the same syntactic phrase, so it's possible the two should be collapsed. Keeping both for now to preserve the semantic distinction and because experiments suggested doing so won't trigger cycles in AMRs.


preclinical (j.)


ARG1-PPT: thing occurring before symptoms
ARG2-TMP: the disease

preclinical-j, ARG1

Patient diagnosed with colon cancer by preclinical workup .

          (d / diagnose-01
            :ARG1 (p2 / patient-yy)
            :ARG2 (c2 / cancer-03
              :ARG1 p2
              :ARG2 (a / anatomical-site :name (n / name :op1 "colon")))
            :manner (w / work-up-101
              :ARG1 p2
              :ARG1-of (p / preclinical-01
                :ARG2 c2)))