Rolesets - remunerate


remunerate.01 - to make a payment, compensate

REMUNERATE-V NOTES: Corresponds (loosely) to VN class judgment-33. (from remunerate.01-v)
REMUNERATION-N NOTES: Based on Bolt data. Comparison to remunerate.01. Remunerate.01 is a member of Vn class judgement-33. Framed by Katie (from remuneration.01-n)


remunerate (v.)
remuneration (n.)


ARG0-PAG: payer, agent
ARG1-PPT: entity remunerated
ARG2-MNR: compensation

remunerate-v: passive

The longstanding position of the Recording Industry Association of America , a trade group based in Washington , D.C. , is that
record companies , performers , songwriters and music publishersARG1
need to be
by government - imposed fees on the sale of blank tapes and recording equipmentARG2
to make up for royalties lost to home taping .

remuneration-n: arg 1 with purpose

for use rights directorsARG1
for the re - use of their workARGM-PRP
was equitable .