Rolesets - reveal


reveal.01 - say something that used to be not known, show, presentation of new information

REVEAL-V NOTES: VN updated by Julia. Member of Vncls 29.2-1-2, 37.10, 78-1-1, 48.1.2, 37.7-1 (from reveal.01-v)
REVELATION-N NOTES: Added by Julia based on reveal-v.01. Corresponds to VNcls say-37.7-1. (from revelation.01-n)
Arg3-subject matter added based on frequent corpus occurances. (from revelation.01-n)


reveal (v.)
revelation (n.)


ARG0-PAG: speaker, revealer
ARG1-PPT: utterance, truth condition
ARG2-GOL: hearer
ARG3-PRD: attribute of arg1

just transitive

But the Memphis , Tenn. , facility was n't to begin turning out product until 1993 , so
the decisionARG0
a more pessimistic long - term outlookARG1
as wellARGM-DIS

ARG0 and ARG2 and ARG1

The spirit of the " child of TaiwanARG0
to usARG2
even though Taiwan , Penghu , Kinmen and Matsu are tiny islands on the rim of the Pacific , the map of our dreams knows no limitsARG1

ARG1 and ARG3

At a time when the Lebanese judiciary continues its investigation into the file of the detainees of " the Syrian National Social PartyARGM-TMP
, "
very important , and at the same time , dangerous , informationARG1
about an attempt to blow up the location of a Phalange celebration in Al Koura , which was set to be attended by president Amin Al Gemayel , Minister and martyr Pierre Al Gemayel , and hundreds of supporters of the Lebanese Phalange Party , per an order from Parliament Member Asaad Herdan . That was " Cailion " restaurant in Al Koura on January 15 , 2005 , 29 days before the crime of the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri , and three months after the assassination attempt of Minister Marwan Hamada , which would have raised the number of crimes and explosions to 16ARG3


that he had sex with a male congressional page in 1983ARG1

args 0 and 1

of deeply rooted and widespread corruptionARG1


Most important were
about accounts held in the names of Soong family membersARG3

Mr. Snuffleupagus; core arg1 and oblique arg2

At the time he was still considered by others as Big Bird 's " imaginary " friend . The fact that he was shown with his own real place , as well as him sending Big Bird a very real postcard , set up
to the rest of Sesame StreetARG2
later that year .