Rolesets - salvage


salvage.01 - to save or rescue

SALVAGE-V NOTES: Member of Vncls steal-10.5. Updated by Julia, 11/2010. (from salvage.01-v)
SALVAGE-N NOTES: Based on Thyme and Sharp data. Comparison to salvage.01-v. Salvage.01-v is a member of VN class steal-10.5-1. No FN class.Framed by Katie. (from salvage.01-n)


salvage (v.)
salvage (n.)


ARG0-PAG: saver, salvager
ARG1-PPT: entity salvaged
ARG2-DIR: entity salvaged from

salvage-v: ARG1

In Hsia 's handsARGM-LOC
all sorts of discarded objects , from sewing machines to camera lensesARG1
, are
and put to good use .

salvage-v: transitive

Noting that
wound up wasting state subsidies of about 35 billion Swedish kronor ( $ 5.47 billion ) during the 1970s in a vain attempt to
its shipbuilding industryARG1
, one analyst suggested that Mr. Suominen may have decided to cut Finland 's losses once and for all .

salvage-v: all arguments

Majority Whip William Gray owes a political debt to Southern agriculture lawmakers for his rise in the House , and
the Philadelphia DemocratARG0
used his position in the conference to
the exemptionARG1
from a total banARG2

salvage-n: This sounds odd to me, but they are saving the leg from the need to be amputated.

from amputationARG2